Wind Mitigation

Q: What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A: A wind mitigation inspection verifies construction methods used when your home was built. This assesses it’s durability in the event that your home endures strong winds like during a hurricane for example. This inspection is mostly conducted in coastal areas that are more prone to hurricanes.


What is the benefit of a wind mitigation inspection?


You save money on your insurance!  Depending upon the upgrades that are found on your home, usually there is some level of savings on your insurance premium. This is one of the few inspections you can have done to your home that can result in a reduced insurance payment.

What is the inspector looking for?

The inspector will look for upgrades or specific construction features of the home. Studies have shown that certain updates to a house reduce the damage from storms with high wind.

House Hunting

Some key items they check:

~ Roof deck attachment

~ Roof to wall attachment

~ Has the roof been replaced since the new code in 2001

~ The shape of your roof

~ Bracing

~ Secondary water barriers on your roof

~ Storm shutters

~ Upgrades to doors, windows, etc.

Preferred roof shape

Roof shape comparison

Hurricane straps