What is a Notice of Commencement?

Wondering exactly what this document is? For more exact information, please follow the Florida Legislature hyperlink below:


The short version:

This protects both the owner(s) and the contractor(s) to ensure payments are all made.  A situation where a sub-contractor or vendor is not paid stems mainly from the new construction industry.  While building a new house, a general contractor may have 15-20 sub-trade industries and many vendors to be paid.  The NOC document is there to protect all parties should someone not get paid for work completed.

How does this relate to roofing?

Hiring a roofer is vastly different than building a new house, you are only dealing with a single contractor (the roofing contractor).  In our case, we do not use sub-contracted crews or temp labor. All of our workers are on payroll as full-time employees.  What about vendors?  The only vendor we use is the roofing supplier.




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