Roof Financing

Roof Financing

The question of roof financing or just paying for your new roof from savings may be on your mind. We have consolidated down this page to the most common roof financing options for you to decide from.

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  • Highlights

    • Not credit/score based
    • Painted/color metal roofing qualifies
    • Light shingle color qualifies (white)

City of Tallahassee - Energy Efficient Loan

The City of Tallahassee offers 5-percent interest financing for more than 25 energy-efficiency measures.


Loan payments are made on monthly utility bills. Financing terms are up to 5 years for most measures, and up to 10 years for solar measures and for certain items in qualifying historic homes. Notes are secured with a property lien.

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Renovate America - Hero Financing

The HERO program is made possible through PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) legislation, which enables more homeowners to access financing for improvements that save energy or prevent storm damage.


Unlike most financing options, HERO approvals are primarily based on home equity, household income, product eligibility, and debt payment history, rather than credit score.