Residential Services

We are here for all of your residential roofing needs.  These services are offered to Tallahassee residents as well as surrounding counties.

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Roof Replacement

Is you current roof past its prime? We offer 10-year installation warranties on most all roof replacements.  Our expert installers will replace most roofs in one to two days.  A working foreman is in charge of the job throughout the project.  The owner or project manager will also stop by the job site daily to ensure things are running smoothly.  A final walk through of the job by management is completed… all before you pay a single penny!  We do not ask for deposits on most projects.  Upon completion, you will receive copies of all the warranties and permits/inspections.

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Roof Repairs

Servicing your existing roof system is our specialty.  We will diagnose your roof leak and/or attic space to determine the source of the problem.  We will give you a proposal for repairs in writing (many cases while we are there).  We usually find that most leaks occur from lack of proper maintenance.  Here is a quick list of common leak sources.

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Skylight Installation

Skylights are a great way to introduce natural lighting to an otherwise dark space.  Tube style skylights are the most cost effective way to add lighting to your existing home.  We offer expert installed tube skylights in two common sizes.  Our technician will meet with you to determine the locations and costs.  We will need you to be home during the installation as well. 

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Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Maintaining a clean roof along with periodic inspections is the key to roof longevity.  Most homeowners do not climb up on their own roofs to check things over. Many others may not know what red flags to look out for.  Let our experienced technicians help to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible.  Remember that many lawn companies may not have the proper insurance to cover injury or damage from walking your roof. 

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Low Slope & Flat Roofing

 There is a difference between low and flat roof slopes.  A flat roof slope does not shed the water properly. This is common with older buildings from the 60′s and 70′s era.  We can correct this by adding slope in several ways.  Once the roof has some slope to it (low slope) we can offer several material choices depending on your preference.

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