Roof Repair Tallahassee

Roof leaks may be caused from tree limb damage or by debris accumulated in valleys and other roof sections.  Older roof systems are more susceptible to roof leaks however. The major key to obtaining a full life expectancy of your roof is through proper installation followed up with scheduled maintenance.

Tallahassee Roof Repair Specialists:

We service and repair all types of roof leak repairs including:

  • Repair Shingle Roofs
  • Low-slope roof leaks
  • Flat roof repairs (including hot tar roof leaks)
  • Tile roof repairs
  • Metal Roof Repairs
  • Chimney leaks

Will my insurance cover my roof leak?

If you sustained wind, hail, or tree damage there is a good chance your insurance policy may cover the costs of your repair roof.  This should be even more of a consideration if you received interior damages as well.  Trapped moisture in the attic insulation, sheet rock, or wall insulation could lead to bigger problems.  Call a professional for a free estimate to repair your roof leak.


Roof Repair Tallahassee
Scared of heights?  ...let us help!

Scared of heights? …let us help!

Roof repairs at a glance:

Here is an example of a shingle roof leak.  What seems like a very small cracked shingle turned into a roof repair in the hundreds of dollars.  Removing and replacing plywood decking is the worst case scenario.  This means that the water has saturated the plywood over and over enough to cause wood decay.  Once the plywood has rotted the water can simply enter the attic and show up on your drywall as a ceiling stain.

roof leak due to a cracked shingle

Cracked 3-tab shingle

Leaking tab in a roof shingle

Water getting behind tabs

roof leak leading to rotten decking

Wood decay below shingle

You can see how a cracked shingle can lead to a higher cost of roof repairs.  The value of catching a roof leak early and before a leak develops is priceless.