Doing what we can


Some landfills in larger citys have a 600 horse powered $400,000 (used) piece of machinery like this! It will grind up up your old shingles and be [partially] used in making local road ways. Unfortunately we do not have anything like this here in Tallahassee.


Fortunately shingles are not the only part of your old roof that can be renewed!  We recycle all of your old steel components such as exhaust vents, power fans, and wall flashing’s. Many roof systems have aluminum materials such as eaves drip metal, gutters, and downspouts.  Lead pipe boot flashing’s can also be turned back into new products.

We at Stubbs Roofing have committed to doing our part in Tallahassee. We salvage all of the recyclable components of your old roof system.

Recyclable materials after only 2 projects.

Recyclable materials after only 2 projects.