Goose Creek Subdivision Hail Damage

Hail damage to Goose Creek

I looked at another hail damaged roof today.  Upon inspection, there are missing granules apparent across the entire roof system.  Small circular “dents” in the shingles are not visible from the ground.  Even a professional roofer cannot see them until on the roof top. If you are in the Goose Creek subdivision you need to call a local roofing contractor as soon as possible.  Your insurance policy will cover damages from the recent storm. Hail damage does more than just void your shingle warranty!  The metal “Florida room” has clear signs of damages as well.  I took another picture of the air conditioner so you could see how strong hail can be.
Goose Creek Neighborhood

Goose Creek Neighborhood

Homeowners beware! Please hire a local Tallahassee roofing contractor to evaluate and repair your damaged roof.  Your out of town “yard sign roofer” could be based hours away. How are they going to stand behind an installation warranty??  Please do some research before you sign any agreements!