Free Roof Estimate

Roof Estimate
Free roof estimate is typically the starting point for most Tallahassee homeowners gearing up for a roof replacement. Just like most people, considering such a large expensive project can seem daunting.  Forking over a deposit, opening up your home to the elements, and subjecting your family to a group of strangers for a few days can seem stressful.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. – Peter F. Drucker

It is my suggestion that you take the time to meet each individual representative.  You are about to grant someone the responsibility of protecting your entire investment over the next 20+ years. Most of the time the person who you meet will also be the project manager of the job should they be awarded the business.  This is the best time to put your “feelers” out there instead of only comparing the free roof estimate documents themselves.

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Free roof estimate Tallahassee

Free Roof Estimate

  • Completely FREE & No pushy sales tactics.
  • Owner Dustin Stubbs estimates all projects.
  • Professional & detailed proposal including photo’s.
  • On time appointments flexible to your schedule.
  • No hidden fees or additional costs.
  • State Licensed, Insured, Workers Comp on all workers.

Any roofing contractor in Tallahassee worth mentioning will be happy to provide you with a clear written/typed free roof estimate.  This document should clearly list all of the following items:

  • Scope of work -All items to be replaced and what materials to be used including brand of shingles. Compare these with other estimates so your looking at “apples-to-apples”.
  • License number -All roofing contractors have an RC or a CCC number followed by numbers.
  • Job cost -Listing any deposit amounts if applicable.
  • Additional costs -Prices for hidden items such as wood work, roof decking, lumber, extra layers, and an hourly labor rate for everything not mentioned.

Ask For Documentation

Roofing contractors in Tallahassee normally all give a free roof estimate.  Your roofer should offer up front copies of all proper license and insurance documents.
  • State or local roofing licensing document
  • Current liability insurance certificate
  • Sample of a written labor warranty
Free roof estimate by licensed roofer

State Certified Roofing Contractor

Life Cycle of our Free Estimates


Schedule Estimate

Call our office or fill out our contact form.  You will speak directly to the owner Christina when you call. She will answer most all of your questions and schedule a time for us to look at your project. Our goal is to determine your needs so that we may offer suggestions on your next roof system.

You may elect to have us meet you at a lunch break, a day off, or other convenient day/time.

Evaluate & Measure Roof System

Dustin will go to your house and explain all aspects of the re-roof process.  We physically walk your current roof system for measurements. We also are considering job related concerns such as covering flower beds and access to the roof for crew/materials.

On the roof: Special attention is given to current or future problematic areas. We will look for areas that may need improvement and take pictures.  Common leak areas such as valleys, chimneys, and flashing’s are always given extra attention.

Detailed Free Estimate

Deliver Roof Estimate

Normally within 24 hours and often times same day, we will email your roof estimate.  Your free estimate will be THE most detailed and professional proposal.  We outline all types and brands of material being installed.  Your estimate will also include photo’s with notes on special types of flashing’s.

Our free estimate (PDF) is layed out in a manor that is easy to read and understand.  It will cover all aspects of the scope of work.  Our warranty term, job cost, and payment terms are included.


Roof leaks?

Do you currently see ceiling stains or have severe leaks? We will give you an honest reliable estimate of roof repairs. Valley’s, Chimney’s, & Roof Flashing’s are among the most problematic areas for roof leaks.  If you suspect or see signs of water entry then give us a call.

If you sustained wind, hail, or tree damage there is a good chance your insurance policy may cover the costs of repairs.  This should be even more of a consideration if you received interior damages as well.  Trapped moisture in the attic insulation, sheet rock, or wall insulation could lead to bigger problems.

Request Free Roof Service Estimate

Time to replace?

There are a lot of different material options  and install techniques when it comes to a roof replacement.  Our free roof estimate is the most detailed in the industry.  It is important that things like skylights, flashing’s, and chimneys are properly inspected for issues.

Attention to detail is often a missing element when it comes to a roof replacement proposal. It is very important to ensure existing problems are corrected and new ones will not be created.

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