10-Year Warranty

Roofing Tallahassee with quality. Upon completion of your roof project you will receive several documents for your file.  One of the most important documents to look for is a new roof warranty for workmanship coverage.  Any contractor that is confident in their installation and stands behind their word will have a sample for viewing prior to a sales/work contract.

Sample labor warranty of workmanship.
Sample labor warranty of workmanship.



We stand behind what we install it is that simple. Should you encounter any trouble, questions, or concerns with your new roof system we want to know about it. If there has been an error in our installation we will resolve it at zero cost to you.

In addition to our new roof warranty, you will receive written copies of:

-Completed Leon County / City of Tallahassee roof inspection.

-Wind Mitigation inspection report where included.

-A copy of the shingle manufactures written warranty.