Project Location: 1103 Alachula Avenue

Products Installed: Tamko Heritage in Rustic Cedar

This South East Tallahassee home features a large low-slope (flat) roof over a patio area. Debris had accumulated, and the rest of the roof was ready for replacement. We stripped the old flat roof of its low-slope membrane and discovered some rotten decking underneath. After installing new decking and membrane, we re-roofed the rest of the house and installed ridge vents and caps. The new flat roof looks great, and the house has a whole new look!



Before: the existing roof was in bad shape. The low slope roof was full of debris, and the roof valleys were not maintained.

The old decking was rotten and some needed to be replaced








The pipe boots and chimney flashing were beginning to deteriorate


After: Beginning to replace the underlayment and deckin

The new flashings and pipe bo








The new roof, complete with ridge vents and caps

The new spotless flat roof